I make custom handkerchiefs. One side is a neat design of your choosing and the other is a soft nose-worthy fabric. Check 'em out here.

I also make other things that I find a need for but can't find anywhere else. Check out this vinyl record cleaning pad. It measures about 15" squared, and has a layer of rubber on the bottom for cushion while applying pressure with your cleaning cloth, and a very soft micro-fiber fabric on top to prevent scratching. I don't know how other people manually clean records, but I can't live without my CareSquare. Just kidding. I don't really call it that.


Check out this place keeper. If you have a lot of records like me, you have to have a system for keeping your place when you pull one out to listen to it. I made this little sticker board that's about 13" long, so it backs up right against the record stop in the back of the shelf and sticks out about an inch. You slip this puppy in when you pull a record out. Voila! Never lose your place again. Decorate it with your favorite stickers, or leave it nude. I sand the wood and taper the end so it slides in smoothly and won't damage your records.


Send me an email if you're interested in anything you see here.